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Enerhealth - Enerfood Super Green Energy Drink 400g

Organic Barley Grass - Grain grasses comprise more nourishment by pounds compared to the grains by themselves, providing a strong source of natural vitamins, minerals and chlorophyll.

Organic Wheat Grass - Is additionally a grain grass.

Organic Alfalfa Leaf - Regarded as the most potent land source of minerals. It sends its roots down as much as fifty ft drawing up beneficial minerals and changing them into a bioavailable form.

Organic Spinach - Yet another abundant source of minerals, especially iron.

Organic Rose Hips - Along with orange and lemon peel this really is a solid source of the vitamins that make up Vitamin- C elaborate, these kinds of as hesperidin and rutin, calcium and also other nutrients essential to assimilate Vitamin C.

Organic Beet Root - Equally as spinach, beets have very long been recognised to deliver us with iron and various minerals.

Organic Orange Peel - Vitamin C complex and bioflavinoids.

Organic Winter season Cherry Root - An ayurvedic herb to reinforce and rebuild your body.

Organic White Asparagus Root - A different ayurvedic herb to reinforce and rebuild the human body. It's revered by women and in addition guys inside the ayurvedic pharmacopia.

Organic Dandelion Leaf - Recognized herbally to make and cleanse the blood. Rich in calcium and organic sodium.

Also see:

Organic Lemon Peel - Vitamin C intricate and bioflavinoids.

Organic Papaya Leaf - Includes effective proteolytic enzymes this kind of as papain, which can be acknowledged to aid from the digestion of protein.

Organic Horsetail - Used by herbalists for millennia to reinforce tooth enamel, hair and nails. Additionally, it can help the body take up calcium.

Organic Barley & Wheat Grass Juice Powder - A good more potent supply of the diet provided by the simple ground grasses on their own.

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EnerFood Instructions
Each container of Enerfood is packaged with 14.1 ounces and has a two year shelf life.

Recommended daily serving:

Adults : One or two heaping tablespoons per day in one cup of liquid.

Children (up to 75 lbs): Up to 1/2 tablespoon twice daily.

EnerFood can be mixed with non-acidic fruit juices, in fruit smoothies, with rice milk, almond milk, soy milk, milk or water.

Enerfood 100% Natural and organic Green Super Food gives you natural vitamins, minerals and super inexperienced energy - Fast!

Important Update

Spirulina, Chlorella, algaes and their effects on radiation

In the mid 1990’s a Russian patent was granted for the use of spirulina as a specific immune enhancer from the treatment of Children affected by the Chernobyl disaster. The studies conducted showed that close to 300 children in highly radioactive areas, developed chronic radiation sickness and raised levels of Immunoglobulin E (IgE). A group of some 30 plus children were given 20 Spirulina tablets per day (about 5 grams) for 45 days. This lowered the levels of IgE during the blood, which in turn, normalized allergic sensitivities during the human body.

Doctors during the Chernobyl area, where radiation levels in Ukraine have been very high since the accident, have shown that daily spirulina consumption in 20 days lead to a 50% reduction in measurements of radiation in patients’ urine. Testing done in 1990 in Belarus concluded that spirulina consumption promotes the evacuation of radioactive nucleotides from the body. Further studies showed that the consumption of spirulina also reduced the radiation load of radioactive nucleotides, strontium and cesium ingested in contaminated foods.

One in the main detrimental effects of radiation exposure is the destruction on the immune method. Both chlorella and spirulina seem to counteract these effects and rebuild the immune system. Chlorella has been shown in Japanese studies to also have anti tumor effects. When we consider that one of your prime effects of radiation exposure during the onset of cancer this is a very important piece of information.

Enerfood also contains several milligrams of naturally occurring iodine which is very important from the event of radiation exposure to protect the thyroid gland as well as other endocrine and breast tissue. find out more:
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