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Are you looking for solutions to get rid of stubborn mould and grime? Or are you searching for something to revitalize your buildings?

If yes, just give us a couple of your minutes and we will help you solve your headache caused problems. So, when your building needs a sparkling façade, commercial pressure washers, which provide pressure washing, is probably the best solution. In fact, commercial pressure washer not only works for buildings but also garages, masonry, fences and other kinds of surface; therefore, investing in one brings various benefits, not just buildings.

Then, what is pressure washing?

Pressure washing is performed by a pressure washer, which is a combination of a garden hose and an air compressor. This machine has either a gas-fueled engine or electric powered motor that generates power for the water pump. This pump later accelerates the water to create high pressure. It is the high pressure produced that helps this machine aggressively blast things clean with 75 times stronger than that of a garden hose.

I also heard about power washing, are power washing and pressure washing the same?

They are a bit different. Power washers use heated water while pressure waters normally do not. Similar to pressure washers, power washers are used to clean serious grime, grease, dirt,…and are usually recommended to wash concrete. However, this type of machine is not popular compared to pressure washers due to higher prices and lack of diversity. Moreover, some pressure washers now are designed to run hot water also, so if you really think your stuff needs hot water to be completely cleaned, go for a model with a hot water function.

What can a pressure washer do?

As mentioned above, pressure washers take advantage of high pressure water to clean surfaces, so they are perfect for cleaning:

- Facades of buildings;

- Personal garages, gardens, farms;

- Walkways, driveways, stairways and similar things;

- Public spaces like parking garages, stadiums, cinemas,…;

- Any kind of vehicle.

In fact, using a pressure washer is the easiest and the most effective way to clean things at an appropriate cost.

What should I buy: a residential pressure washer or a commercial one?

While residential pressure washers are built to handle light duty tasks such, commercial pressure washers are used for heavy duty things. Provided that commercial pressure washers can create more powerful water pressure and can maintain its power for a long period of time for you to clean larger cleaning areas, they are often used for more stubborn dirt such as oil stains in garages, grime and mould on the buildings and to clean anything in huge areas such as big gardens, farms,…Therefore, which type of machine is more suitable depends on your actual needs.

How can I differentiate a residential pressure washer from a commercial one?

Most of the residential pressure washers run on electric motors that generate a PSI up to 2,400 while commercial ones run on gasoline engines or electric motors with PSI of over 4,000. In other words, you can differentiate them by checking their power. How strong a pressure washer is shown by its PSI (Pounds per square inch) or GPM (gallons per minute). Generally speaking, the higher the number the quicker your cleaning is.

Which commercial pressure washer model should I buy?

So you have decided that a commercial pressure washer is what you need to solve your biggest question, the next step is to choose the right model on your budget. Instead of spending hours to search for commercial pressure washers' reviews and ratings on various e-commerce websites, why don't you continue to go with us? Here at thekinglive, we provide trustworthy and detailed reviews on best rated commercial pressure washers that you can not find elsewhere. For each model, we also summarize pros and cons, so that you can easily make a comparison and make the right purchase decision ever. Come and visit us:


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